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The Saga of Abandonment

Travels in the world of anachronus

Livre escaliers abandonnés


Volume 2 - 131 pages

June 2021

VERTIGO is an invitation to contemplate, survey and descend hundreds of steps where dust and silence camouflage a thousand and one memories ... The abandonment and the magnificence of these works will take you through various dimensions, from the pageantry of power and of wealth with a solemn symbol that opens the door to dreamlike, through the demonstration of architectural prowess. This stop  sur image gives you the time to redo the imaginary link that binds earth to sky by crisscrossing all the steps that are not yet funeral.


Livre exploration véhicules abandonnés


Volume 1  -  72 pages

December 2020

Climb aboard various rust ships for a true mechanical journey into the past. CARLINGUE is not an apocalypse vision but a contemplative approach of iron carcasses. Discover unusual places such as the largest car cemetery in Europe or the most beautiful abandoned Soviet train station in Hungary. These metal skeletons are memories and generational markers, they are also the memories of our ancestors, they stand like totems devoured by time.


Couverture livre Design Architecture Hors Série  "Concrete Feather"


Special Edition - 75 pages

February 2021

  I raised my head and it was then that heavy elegance began to float between two waters, these reinforced concrete flying fish drifted in the sandstone of the air currents, like feathers of an overwhelming lightness refusing to come back on Earth. The idea then emerges of associating these massive structures with more vaporous perspectives, the desire to give them a more dreamlike and whimsical dimension, CONCRETE FEATHER imposes itself on me like a sweet oxymoron, a real ode to gravity. ..

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