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Spoménik exploration bosnie

   Born in Cahors in 1981, self-taught photographer author since 2007, my taste for photography quickly turned towards a universe that loves me and which brings together rather mysterious, enigmatic and dark atmospheres ... The desire to wander in common places or to discover the most unusual, it is with the same aim of projecting oneself elsewhere, in another time, in a fantasized past or a parallel present ... Anachronistic wanderings.

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My passion for the exploration photography was revealed in 2009. Loving the legends, the thrills and the strange atmospheres close to the universe of Tim Burton , the photo allows me to find and recreate more intimately these scenographies of the post apocalyptic order.

The image can please, it is supposed to move, to touch ... above all to question ... it arouses, it questions more than it shows, it creates an introspective emotion, a true mirror of our own cogitations ... it is for me the central vector of my escapes.

If the photo creates any emotion, it fulfills its role. Exploration photography brings to the fore very aesthetic contrasts, shadows and their opposites ... These dark places full of suffering where sometimes bathe a few rays offered me an obvious paradox which has become today an addiction as well for the lived moment that the pictorial result as well as the innumerable memories that

I have always been attracted by the notions of traces, memories, and it is by pushing open certain doors of abandoned buildings that I discovered a new form of nostalgia. These forgotten places speak to me, whisper their secrets to me ... in the dilapidation, there is a kind of sweetness, a prose, that of time which streams along the walls which appear bare like open books.

Also inspired by the universe of the writer Mathias Malzieu, the poetry is an integral part of my ethics in the exploration, philosophical notions on memory, forgetting, memory and thus abandonment are mixed during the discovery of all these places, this last sight understands the pain of these somewhat bruised places. By discovering a poetic and fantastic universe, adrenaline and excitement totally transport me on an anachronistic journey.

Architecture de villa italienne à l'abandon

Passionate about History and Architecture , these places yet filled with pain remain unspeakably beautiful, offering me a real privilege, a spectacle out of time. I therefore like to immortalize my presence in a Tim Burtonian atmosphere , lost in the labyrinths of time. The then anonymous silhouette reminds me of my coming and the impression of having trod the mysteries of another era ...

Self-portraits inspire me, I love this feeling of being a living element, frozen and small, in front of the immensity of these decrepit, even supernatural structures. The notion of lost silhouette offers a fairly interesting and harmonious minimalist style, creating a contrast that calls out, which accounts for the presence and its decadent aesthetic, vis-à-vis Man.

More and more, I try photography with modelsand professional dancers in this same kind of universe. I try to bring a human and fragile notion, a form of sensitive feminization bringing grace to places full of suffering. The contrast of the skin, soft and smooth, contrasts sharply with the decrepitude, cracks and other crackles of paint, the association of the two is explosive. It allows me to go beyond and extend the history of the places, it is a last story that I bring to life in these places, a half-open door to the imagination where I will then be myself a witness and future ghost of these walls. .. I manage by this means to nourish my desires of creation and go beyond the simple re-humanization, I try to flirt with the soft fantastic, the chimeras, the dreamlike, the magical bring my touch through the presence of 'an out of the ordinary and timeless being as illustrated by the Fantasia series.

Modèle exploration chateau abandonné




Publication in the ARTBOOK of CLUTCH

Publication of article on my work self saga edition of the abandonment Magazine "De fil en Déco" - September

Release of the second self-published book "Saga Abandon" at Blurb: "VERTIGO" - June

Publication Design Magazine "Ma Maison" - April

Entry into the "30 copies" Gallery Perpignan-Paris - March

Permanent artist at the Domaine de Montjoie "Hôtel d'Art" Ramonville -January


Release of the first self-published book "Carlingue" published by Blurb (Saga Abandon) -December

Exhibition at Altigone in Saint Orens - June

Participation in the art fair "ART3F" Toulouse - February

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Villemur sur Tarn competition exhibition Heritage Days - Finalist October

Numériphot exhibition "Sentimental ruins" - September

Sporting Village Exhibition - June

Guest of honor Fronton Photo Festival - May

Saint Orens Digital Arts Festival Exhibition - April

Partner and implementation Photos Sport in Town - Mars

Exhibition "Art House and Objects" in Paris - January


Double page regional magazine MIDI LIBRE

Double page magazine "De fil en DECO" - June

Exhibition at the Deco Trophy at the Manoir du Prince - June

Permanent exhibition at Domaine de Montjoie "HOTEL d'Art" Ramonville - May

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Cornebarrieu Exhibition ARIA Cultural Space November 2017

Article Port Folio magazine Sudartctu , October 2017

Front cover, interview with Niepcebook N ° 6 Corridor Elephant Edition (Contemporary Art Magazine) - September.

Presentation of my video "Dust & Memories" 2016 at the Toulouse Town Hall "architecture conference"

Exhibition throughout the month of June at the Ravensare Toulouse multicultural festival.

May to December, "O SUD" broadcasts France 3 national with Emilie Broussouloux

Exhibition "Noble Décadence" May at NUMERIPHOT Toulouse Store specialist photo.

Artist of the Venanson meetings in PACA.-

International article published in the WIX Blog Community on my photographic activity

Artist of the month for January and publication on the cover on CLUTCH Magazine editorial 12 pages

Article published in the newspaper "Côté Toulouse" .

Publication of article in the media "le" .


Publication on the cover of the architecture magazine "Immomag"

Publication in VOGUE webmagazine "Château de Gudanes".

CD cover photo for artist musician "Undergang".

Mandated by the City of Toulouse as a photographer of "art photos" architectures

Production of the video "Dust & Memories" Llieux d'Europe abandoned in collaboration with Undergang.

Full page publication in the newspaper La Dépêche SUD as an exploration photographer.

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Photos in the "Culture Design" Art Design and Decoration store

Exhibition at the Restaurant "St Jérome" TOULOUSE.

Exhibition at the "Café des artistes" TOULOUSE.

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Exhibition at the CAHORS Cancer League.

Photography winner at the Salon des Artistes Méridionaux TOULOUSE

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Publication in the photo specialist magazine "PHOTOTECH" N ° 27

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