Spomenik, monument brutaliste abandonné en Croatie

"I am a daydreamer, the need to escape is at the origin of my pilgrimages, I like to discover, travel and explore ... it is by immortalizing the architecture of abandoned places that I work. My approach tends to make decadence noble ... the ruins, orphans of time, give off like a perfume of poetry. These vestiges are then real works of art that I try to put in photographic memory with their secrets. he history of places inspires me to the realization of dreamlike creations , I testify in my own way by shooting with models , with the aim of rehumanizing and writing a new version of these spaces. My photographs take the role of time capsules for traveling nostalgically in space and time ... "

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art architecture urbex blanc tekprod emmanuel tecles tirage limité fine art

Abandoned places, ruins, a journey to the heart of a noble decadence

Tirage d'art 
cadre bois Marie Louise  "SPOMENIK"

Treat yourself to an art print signed, numbered and limited to 3o copies

shooting modèle urbex exploration art industriel fine art tirage limité tekprod emmanuel tecles

Fantastic, dreamlike and poetic

with  Chaos Flowers

livre urbex explration véhicules voitures épaves

A thematic saga of abandonment,

a series of self-published books.

ghost bleu.jpg

Creative series inspired by the poetry of abandonment and architecture.


"Anachronistic Wanderings"

Biography, publications, events

Montage Noir et blanc Nikon Backstage  art fantome création films vidéos rushs tekprod emmanuel tecles

Creative clips for travel

other time dimensions

Spomenik art UFO OVNI exploration urbex Bosnie Night urbex brutalisme béton tekprod emmanuel tecles

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